Getting Started: Video Resume/Business Resume

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Setting up your Resume Video or Business Video is Easy. Set up a script before you record. If you already have a cover letter and resume, just use that as a script. As a business, you can create a short Position Video to add to your Position Listing. It would be different than the Business Video, which would be on your business profile page.

What If I Don't Have The Software To Make A Resume or Business Video?

We've helped you find the right app and software. There are some great options below to help you with your first video.


Don't be too wordy, but make sure that you present yourself; professionally. Try to make it a 5-10 minute video. Cover all the basics of your current resume. Include some of your likes, hobbies, skills, achievements, etc... Don't forget to smile!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download The Software/App

  2. Open Your Cover Letter/Resume

  3. Copy/Paste Cover Letter/Resume To The Software/App

  4. Add Any Extra Traits To Your Script Not Mentioned In Your Cover Letter/Resume

  5. Rehearse, Click Record, & Upload Your Resume/Business Video

Here are the downloads:

Mac Pc Iphone Android

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